Most people come to therapy because they want something to change in their life. However, most people also don’t like change because the unknown can be very uncomfortable and even scary. This is the reason why the greatest motivator for change is pain. Only when the pain gets great enough do we finally open up to new possibilities and strategies to a particular problem.

Rather than stifling the pain or trying to get rid of it, together we can use it as an ally to help identify what you truly want in your life. I recognize that change often comes slowly, and progression is usually not linear. It can involve setbacks, frustrations, and unexpected events outside of our control. We will take it at your pace.

In our work together, I don’t imagine being behind you pushing you into something you are not ready for, or standing in front of you pulling you out of a situation before you are ready. I imagine working together, metaphorically side-by-side, as we move in your valued direction. Along the way, I may be able to point out the small victories that may be missed when focusing on a larger goal.

Using our therapeutic relationship, I can also gently challenge you in open, non-judgmental ways that friends, family members, or colleagues simply can’t do to help you get unstuck and make the changes you want for a more satisfying, fulfilling life.

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