Mindful Meditation

I am trained in mindful meditation, or mindfulness, and have personally practiced this on a daily basis for years. I incorporate mindfulness into the clinical work with many of my clients, and clients of all ages and presentations who have kept a somewhat consistent practice (5 to 10 minutes a day at least a few days per week) have reported many positive results in areas such as patience, stress management, improved mood, concentration, compassion, sleep, intimacy, and productivity.

Simply put, mindfulness is non-judgmental, present moment awareness. Many forms of this type of meditation have been around for thousands of years, and scientific studies citing the many health benefits of mindful meditation have grown considerably in the last decade. The meditation that I can introduce to you does not require sitting cross-legged with one’s index fingers firmly touching one’s thumbs as many may believe. It’s about being comfortable whether seated, standing, or lying down and simply practicing waking up to the present moment.

If interested, this can be incorporated into the work that we do together and we can discuss the ways in which this skill can be helpful (and quite possibly life changing). There are many different forms of mindful meditation and together we can choose the exercises that best fit your interests and needs.

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