I am currently accepting Medicare, Blue Cross and Blue Shield PPO plans, Beacon Health Options, and Optum (United Healthcare). I am also an Out-Of-Network provider for Blue Cross and Blue Shield HMO plans and Aetna. If you have a different health insurance plan, I am happy to provide documentation of our sessions for you to file with your insurance company if you so choose. Please be sure to contact your insurance provider first to find out the details of your coverage and whether your insurance will provide out of network coverage for mental health therapy sessions. See "FAQ's" above for more information about contacting your insurance company.

Please note the following about using insurance to cover your mental health treatment:

  • Insurance companies often need a diagnosis to cover treatment. This diagnosis could become part of your permanent medical record, and some are not comfortable with this. Note that your medical record may be reviewed if you want to apply to adopt a child, apply for a gun license, or apply for a job that requires a security clearance.
  • Insurance companies often dictate the amount of sessions that are covered. This may become an issue if we believe more sessions are needed and the insurance company chooses not to cover them.

Initial Phone Consultation (10-15 minutes): Free

Individual Therapy

Initial In-Person Session (60 minutes): 200 dollars

Individual Psychotherapy Sessions (45 minutes): 150 dollars

Phone/Skype (15 minute units when appropriate, offered to current clients): 50 dollars

Couples Therapy

Initial In-Person Session (60 minutes): 220 dollars

Couples Therapy Sessions (60 minutes): 165 dollars

Please feel free to contact me.

Phone: 617-653-6805; Email: [email protected]


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